John Evans was a Vice President at Global Marine Development during the Azorian years. He gave this talk to a seniors group on the Palos Verdes peninsula in the summer of 2015, shortly before he died. Jarel Wheaton, who runs the speakers' series along with his wife Betty, told me this about John and his talk: 

Did you notice part of the way through the video John began sweating profusely and wiped his forehead with a tissue...leaving a piece on is forehead for several minutes?  Normally we would have interrupted the speaker to have him wipe his forehead and pick up again (editing the restart out of the video of course).  In John's case, he was seriously ill and insisted that we not interrupt him because he just wanted to power through the talk.  When he began sweating so much and struggling Betty (behind the camera) had her cellphone in hand ready to dial 911 if necessary.  Five days later John flew up to the Bay Area (from LA) to see some specialists and confirm his diagnosis/treatment to find out "how long he had left." John was delighted with the video because he finally had something to give his kids/grand kids with his story.